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Argint coloidal ionic sau argint coloidal fotonic?

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Primim adeseori întrebări despre argintul coloidal dacă este coloidal, ionic, sau coloidal ionic. Pe această temă s-au scris atâtea articole, încât nu vom insista foarte mult. Vom preciza doar că, din punctul nostru de vedere, este o batere a apei în piuă și o despicare la fel de inutilă a firului de păr în... două (jumătatea ionică și cea coloidală a firului de păr, ca să zicem așa).

De ce?

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One of the issues difficult to check by the average user is the actual concentration of a colloidal mineral.
Of course, people of all kinds, either from us or from other parts, teach us that we can use for this TDSmeters, which are really useful for measuring certain water parameters, but unnecessary in measuring the concentration of minerals colloid. At some point, we will also explain why "people wanted" to be taught so. Very briefly, it involves different ways of falsifying colloidal minerals.
Given the mode of action of these products / remedies, sometimes this concentration, more precisely its absolute value, is not very important, especially if an informational type effect is pursued.
However, from here and up to selling chilly water, or anyway, produced far from what it should be, it is a very easy step to make by unscrupulous and integrity producers, and that is happening more often than you could believe, not only in our country but also in the rest of the world.
Forged products that bring significant material benefits are a magnet for people who are sometimes over-beloved (which we apologize for because we are forced to put our finger on the wound), especially when they are accompanied by an attractive packaging, a promotion aggressive and usually liar. Sometimes pseudo-scientific colors are also given to this promotion, possibly with the so-called "star" of the medical or monden "basement".

I have already pointed out such situations in the past. However, in such cases, the distance protects you from buying such fake products as those sold by gold2live.com to the public across the Atlantic, whose so-called main quality is that, like the emperor's clothes in the story, they are not to be seen. Because it does not exist.
But do not imagine that in our country there are no celebrities, it would be the height of "importing" so much and not "importing" the methods of producing "snake oil" (for those who do not know, the snake is not too fat ...).
Thus, a few years ago, one of the "colloidal" mineral producers in Romania "produced" a  colorless
colloidal gold, because they specified that the product had smaller particles, much smaller than colloidal gold (say, pink) (in which the particles were likened to a "golden" filing). As a matter of fact, on this date, those specifications still exist on the Internet on various sites.
We still offer you such a screenshot, from which we will remove the name of the product, the manufacturer, and the site, for ... various considerations.










We also provide you with a copy of an analysis bulletin of such a product containing "colloidal gold". You can see how that concentration is less than 0.2ppm, ie ... can not be measured, 0.2ppm being the measurement limit of laboratory equipment used for that measurement.




Perhaps at least now, some of you will begin to understand that you were (and still are) tricked: relatively soon, the colloidal gold produced by that company is color ... pink !!! maybe they changed their mind ...
We observe that some human beings (hmmm, are they?) manage to escape permanently, passing nonchalantly from one lie to another. It is also a kind of talent.
Why lie? Because lately, more and more bold products, such as concentrations of tens of ppm in the case of colloidal gold, have begun to appear on the market, more through Europe, and more in Romania. Of course, they could be true (and in some cases, at AquaNano we produce colloidal gold with a concentration of up to 4000ppm). But ... are they all what they should be?


For many colloidal minerals, it is difficult to estimate the concentration on a product only, but at least sometimes it can. Below, you have some images of colloidal minerals (gold, copper, chrome, certain silver varieties), for which this estimatation is possible.


In order, from left to right, you have presented:

1. Colloidal Silver Ultra, 80ppm. Color is almost non-existent due to product morphology. It does not exhibit surface plasmon resonance, except to a very small extent. In a significantly larger pot (a few liters say), it can be seen very light yellowish color.

2. Colloidal silver Protect, yellow, about 15ppm. Crystalline particles, 10-20nm.

3. Bios-Pur Colloidal Copper, 10ppm, 2-15nm particles.

4. Colloidal Chromium Glucon, 10ppm. Although it is yellow in color, it can only be seen in vials larger than size.

5. Colloidal Gold Olympus, 30ppm. It can sometimes have violet, or even indigo, color, when particles accumulate in macroclusters (without increasing their individual size)


Thus, for each colloidal mineral per se, which has a color due to surface plasmon resonance, the simple difference in color intensity shows a difference in concentration.


In the image to the left, you are presented, from left to right, the following products:


1. Colloidal gold with a declared concentration of several tens of ppm (we will not specify the manufacturer and the product), the actual concentration less than 5ppm

2. Colloidal Gold Vital Pur, AquaNano, 10ppm

3. Colloidal Gold Olympus, AquaNano, 30ppm


As such, if you have two samples of the same product in front of two different companies, it will be easy to make the difference in concentration based on the color, but only in the cases mentioned above when surface plasmon resonance, which gives the color of the product.
Although we are now confident that this photo will make you understand the truth, here is the example of the above, the relevant analysis bulletins:




First, for Olympus colloidal gold. It can be noticed that the concentration is not the nominal value of 30ppm due to the various errors inherent in such types of measurements.








Then for an assortment of colloidal gold (the first on the left in the photo above, with the stated concentration of several tens of ppm (as it would be, more than colloidal gold Olympus, but only on the label as you see) .
Error error, but ... this is no longer an error!
80% of the concentration, all right, you can say that it is an error (if it falls within the product standard), but 10% is the story of the trade with the little pot.
Assuming that such a firm had implemented a quality system and production control system, such as HACCP, we are right to ask what good it is? Ah, to mention it on the lable on the bottle ...



To help you understand even more about how far such genuine product counterfeits are, two photos are included for a 300ppm colloidal gold sample, viewed both in transmitted light (left) and reflected light (right).


At AquaNano we do not use to boast about what we do, but sometimes it is still necessary to show that AquaNano can.
And it is done.


You can see that when the "emperor's clothes" are not seen, it means that, as our common sense tells us, the "emperor" is naked!
We let you understand who the "emperor" is, and this is not a joke, for that "producer" even lauded himself during a certain period, "The King of the Colloidal Minerals in Romania," or something of that kind.

Of course, we know that Romania is full of such "kings" and "emperors", and we will not go into details, in order not to be accused of any "emperor".  Nowadays, you can not be careful enough, joking more seriously ...
There is still much to say on this subject, and therefore, gradually, we will present several such "bewilderments."
Some of them are simply incredible. Gradually, however, we hope to remove this fabric of lies, which, due to systematic repetition, has come to be confused with the truth.



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Protocol antitumoral simplu și extrem de eficient

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Vă recomandăm să citiți cu atenție, și să aplicați perseverent informațiile conținute în acest articol, mai ales în cazul în care vă confruntați, dumneavoastră personal sau cineva drag, cu această afecțiune.

Am structurat aici un protocol clar și eficient, ale cărui efecte sunt excepționale atunci când este aplicat perseverent, și mai ales în stadii incipiente.

Totodată, el poate fi completat cu diferite alte adjuvante, uzual fără probleme semnificative, și poate fi utilizat în paralel cu chimioterapia sau radioterapia, caz în care efectele secundare ale acestor tratamente vor fi semnificativ reduse.

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