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Argint coloidal ionic sau argint coloidal fotonic?

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Primim adeseori întrebări despre argintul coloidal dacă este coloidal, ionic, sau coloidal ionic. Pe această temă s-au scris atâtea articole, încât nu vom insista foarte mult. Vom preciza doar că, din punctul nostru de vedere, este o batere a apei în piuă și o despicare la fel de inutilă a firului de păr în... două (jumătatea ionică și cea coloidală a firului de păr, ca să zicem așa).

De ce?

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These days we witnessed a real hysteria as a result of a broadcast on one of the Romanian television stations. Of course, we praise the action, because of the reportage we have been called on our phones a lot, being asked about the golden waters ("It's real? Do you have? Where do we buy?").

However, as we have been accustomed you to, we are more friends with the truth than with the sales, so we have to admit that we have been touched by a wave of sadness and compassion, directed both towards the producers of those waters and to the sick pensioneers, who have put their hopes (and pensions) in (yet) a miracle that will only fulfill very few promises.

We were amazed to find that even therapeutic prescriptions such as 'three teaspoons per day' keeps the doctor away, or is healing you from serious illnesses. Another reportage in the style of the salesman, through which the capitalist trade flourished, including in the field of natural products. This reminds us of an old joke, that with maize like telegraph pillars. Yes, that joke from 30 years ago: the much praised maize was like the telegraph pillars, that is every 50 meters.

Be well understood, the merits "of" gold, copper, silver, platinum water are known for millennia. One of the ancient practices, less common in Europe, but well-known in some countries in the Far East, consists in producing such "home" water, and the beneficial effects of these waters were, and are, recognized.

However, their use was directed rather to prevention, balancing or rebalancing, or to adjunct  certain treatments, but never, ever, were they used as a major treatment for serious illnesses, and especially not in tiny amounts, such as 'three teaspoons per day'.

The reason is that their action, although not homeopathic, addresses information and energy structures at such low concentrations, and only through a sui-generis reflection also the physical body.

In the case of serious and especially aggressive diseases of the physical body, such as various infections, cancer, arthritis, etc., metals were always used and are used in concentrated forms of powders or liquids containing their nanoparticles, thus in some form significantly more concentrated.

Thus, if certain disorders, given by various bioenergetic, emotional or even mental imbalances, were used and are using so-called metallic waters, obtained simply by keeping the water in a gold, silver or copper pot (clean and well polished), the metal being chosen according to necessity, and the water kept for, llet's say, 24 hours, as if in case of some such diseases, and using the remedy so obtained for a sufficient period of time - the therapeutic effects are the ones expected, however, in the case of a disease such as a flu, or even more serious (for example to consider Ebola, but we could include hepatitis B, C, cancer, etc.), here you are a fool to consider as an alternative a method that can only be called homeopathic. It's like going to war with the image of a shotgun. Of course, sometimes it can work, but usually ...

Gold waters have been known for a long time. They were produced in Europe a few centuries ago, and are even more produced nowadays. "Novel Food" legislation, as well as the provisions on mineral food supplements in EU regulations, have practically outlawed them in the last decade.

For this reason, although it may seem strange to you, the Romanian producers sell them mostly for export, usually outside the EU, because their marketing for food or therapeutic purposes is virtually impossible in Romania.

Of course, there are alternatives, but that is not the purpose of the article. What we mean is that they are available to the Romanians for more than a decade, in various forms, usually in the form of colloidal waters of gold, silver, copper, in more concentrated forms than the 'miraculous spring waters'.
Advertising is not easy, and especially as it should.

Coming back, what amazes us among other things is the fact that people believe without discernment any fairy tale is told on TV.

Thus, if someone specifies a fact, being very convinced and convincing (even without that fact being necessarily real), people simply believe. Well, not all of us, but yet ... The phenomenon was scientifically established, being based on the fact that human beings tend to take into consideration very easily a statement presented ... in somewhat violent way.


Coming back (again) - when old people suffering from all sorts of illnesses began to call us convinced that they would cure severe diseases with three teaspoons of a 'miraculous water' that cost only a few RON a liter, we were basically put into - an akward situation:

THAT IS TO EXPLOIT TO PEOPLE THAT THEY HAVE BEEN FOOLED. Again and again. Even at some point, I had a situation that if it was not dramatic, it could have been considered a comic one: such a person was very astonished that half a liter of colloidal gold cost 40 RON or more, and should use 2 tablespoons a day, while "marvelous water" costs a few times less, and three teaspoons daily are enough to cure (was the rumour) any illness. Because that's what was said on TV, and what is shown on TV is either holy or true. No comment...

You can hardly explain to some people that, in the case of 'wonderful water', the concentration of gold (or silver) is several thousand times lower than in the case of colloidal water. Well, jokingly, and seriously, there have been colloidal waters of more inferior quality than that of spring water, seen from the point of view of concentration, but this is the subject of another article.
So a teaspoon of colloidal gold, even with a lower concentration, put in a liter of water, generates a much stronger product and much cheaper than 'wonder water'.
Well, explain it to people ...


There is a dictum that we will mention from time to time:

It's easy to fool a man, but it's harder to make him realize he's been fooled!

Of course, if you have such a spring in the yard, or you can drink at least a liter of water daily, or maybe two of that water, instead of the tap water, the effects obtained over time are beneficial and notable. However, sick people, sometimes even seriously ill, who will heal countless diseases after drinking a few liters of such water is, we could say with some gentleness, a scam, and without resorting to that delicacy language, I would say it is a crime.

It's right, after all, each bag has its stain. It is astonishing how people, after they have accumulated illnesses over the years, even with decades sometimes, after consistent efforts, want to heal with some miraculous droplets, and if possible the next day.
We conclude here with the desire that the Romanians, and even all the people on this planet, wake up and use their intelligence and common sense more often.

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Protocol antitumoral simplu și extrem de eficient

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Vă recomandăm să citiți cu atenție, și să aplicați perseverent informațiile conținute în acest articol, mai ales în cazul în care vă confruntați, dumneavoastră personal sau cineva drag, cu această afecțiune.

Am structurat aici un protocol clar și eficient, ale cărui efecte sunt excepționale atunci când este aplicat perseverent, și mai ales în stadii incipiente.

Totodată, el poate fi completat cu diferite alte adjuvante, uzual fără probleme semnificative, și poate fi utilizat în paralel cu chimioterapia sau radioterapia, caz în care efectele secundare ale acestor tratamente vor fi semnificativ reduse.

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